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Stitch Guides

In addition to my own line, I also create custom stitch guides for designers and stitchers all across the country.  Unless a designer asks me to create a stitch guide for reproduction, a custom stitch guide is created just for you ensuring that your guide and the finished project is unique and one of a kind


Below are a few of my favorites stitched by customers using one of my stitch guides.  Check back often as I will periodically upload finished pictures submitted by my students.

Some stitchers love selecting their stitches and threads. However, all of us sometimes just can’t seem to find the perfect stitch or the perfect thread.  If you are one of these people and would like a little help, contact me for more information on how to order stitch guides.

Stitch Guide is provided at $10 per page. Number of pages is determined by size of the canvas. 


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