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Orts Holder

Orts Holder

SKU: 1025

I have a confession!  I rip-out; I RIP-OUT a lot!  This means I usually have this mess on the table next to my stitching chair. Sometimes it is such a mess it looks like a very colorful cat fell asleep on the tabletop. This was my solution, an Orts Holder that I could leave out even if I had not emptied it.  The various images are needlework related and lay on a background of overlapping lace panels, which I tried to duplicate from my Grandmothers doilies.   

The design is line-drawn on 18-mesh mono canvas, measures 5 x 13 when finished and includes a stitch guide.  When finished, you or your finisher wraps the design around a La Choy noodle can, trimming the edges with a twisted cord.  At the end of your stitch guide, you will find a recipe utilizing the Chinese noodles making this design environmentally safe as you are recycling. 


*Can be ordered with or without full thread kit. Adding Full Thread Kit will add $65 to price.

Full Thread Kit to include:  Cotton Floss and Pearls, silk floss, Neon rays, metallic and the Overdyed thread for the laying tool.

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