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Halloween House

Halloween House

SKU: 1018

This is a very unique and unusual addition to your Halloween collection.  The house with a thatched roof is line-drawn on 18 mesh Sandstone canvas and includes the pumpkin charm held by the ghost and a stitch guide.  The instructions give detailed instructions on how to cut out the doorway and windows before finishing.  The finisher then wraps the house around a La Choy noodle can, also cutting out the doorway and ghost. A battery tea light sets inside the house and twinkles through the open doorway, outlining the ghost and through the windows. Sorry, the Can is not included. However, on the back of the stitch guide is a recipe for the noodles.

  • Product Info

    Halloween house includes the two canvases, house, and roof, pumpkin charm, wire for the windows and stitch guide

  • Return and Refund Policy

    I take pride in providing quality pieces and I want my customers to be happy. If you are not happy for any reason, please return your piece for a full refund, less the shipping.

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