Originally introduced in 1989, this bevy of flowers proved to be very popular and finished in so many different ways.  I originally stitched them in Basketweave, using a different type of thread for each one.

The flowers stitched painted on 18-mesh canvas, measuring approximately 4 x 5.  Not only are they easy to stitch but a terrific travel piece.


As for finishing.  I had them finished with a stick and inserted into a flower arrangement.  I have also seen some very creative finishing ideas.  A sunflower and Daffodil clasps attached to the back and used on a straw hat.  The rose was beaded and a scattering of Swarovski crystals made into a small evening

One customer who lived in Alabama stitched 21 Calla Lillie’s.  She then had her florist arrange them into a centerpiece with magnolia blossoms and it became the centerpiece in her entry.   

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