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Meet the Designer

David McCaskill

A Candle wicking pillow kit I stitched for a Christmas gift in1983 was my first attempt at using a needle to create something other than sewing on a button.


A career as a needlepoint artist, designer, and teacher began in 1987 after an industrial accident, which led to a needlepoint project as a form of physical therapy. I decided that I would stitch chair seat covers as I remember my Granny having them on her Sunday only dining set. I went to a shop in Santa Rosa; purchased the materials and six weeks later, I had a finished cover, totally stitched in Basketweave. I was also certain that I would never ever cover the other five chairs. 


Shortly after that first visit to the shop, I became a member of the Embroiders Guild of America and three months later was nominated and voted in as President. During this time I did a Sandy Rogers correspondence class and fell in love with the pattern, structure, and mathematics of the individual stitches and joined Apple Blossom Stitchers ANG Chapter. Fortunately, my decision to join ANG also led to me starting a wholesale line which led to writing stitch guides and teaching


In 1994; I opened a needlepoint shop in Santa Rosa, Ca. Called “Club Stitch.” After having a heart attack 1999, I sold the store, and a year later we relocated to San Diego. The wholesale business continued after the move, and soon after, I found myself much in demand, traveling across the country teaching at various shops, guilds, and seminars.


At the end of 2010, I decided to retire from the teaching circuit and accepted the position of in-house teacher and manager of Needle Nook of La Jolla. 5 years later I left The Needle Nook and relocated to the Inland Empire settling in a town know for retirees, Hemet, California.


Not too long after that,  I was asked to talk at the San Bernardino ANG, and as luck would have it, I started teaching groups, guilds, and individuals. I Still market my designs amd regularly hold group classes as well as private appointments in my home.


Happily, I have not retired, and hopefully, as long as I can hold a needle, have a magnifier and able to speak I plan to continue till death do us part.


I have always marveled how a little needle bridges so many economic and social levels.  I also believe if everyone would pick up a needle and stitch we would have no domestic violence, no wars or talk of wars, no discord in society, equality for all and a society that would live happily ever after.


I am eternally grateful for the people I have met and the people who guided me through this amazing chapter in my life.

Yours truly,


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